Board Committees

  • Watershed Advisory Committee

The Hickory Ridge Village Board has an active Watershed Advisory Committee to increase awareness and help educate village residents on approaches to deal with stormwater.  Committee members organize educational programs, evaluate residential properties that have stormwater runoff issues, take photographs of stormwater concerns and best practices, and help residents obtain soil samples.

Join Our Committee!

We are looking for some additional community residents who would be interested in volunteering to learn about watersheds, stormwater management, rain gardens, native plants and soils and sharing the information with neighbors. Committee meetings are held for two hours on the second Monday of each month.   If you are interested in serving, please send information on what interest or experience you may have to help the committee with its work (gardener, writer, ecologist, botanist, biologist, photographer, etc.) and what you would like to learn, along with your name and address to

Annual Report:

HRVWAC Annual Report 2019-20


Rain Garden Maintenance & Native Plant Information

The Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC) has a list of recommended native plants that should thrive in your garden. The list, grouped by sunny and shady areas as well as by the areas within the garden—inlet side, lower area, and berm–was developed by the University of Maryland Extension and by WAC members.

Below are some helpful links to manage your rain garden or add a few native plants to your current landscaping:

Fall Fertilization Concerns

In preparation for the fall fertilizing season, the Hickory Ridge Watershed Advisory Committee suggests you first determine how much and what type of nutrients your lawn needs. A soil analysis can indicate what levels of chemicals and minerals are present in a lawn, and what type of nutrients may need to be added. Why pay for expensive fertilizer if you don’t need to?

Columbia Association provides FREE soil analysis for Hickory Ridge residents. Collection bags are available at the village office and can be returned there once you have collected your samples (a ten minute task!)  The soil samples are then analyzed and the results are sent to you by email a few weeks later.  If you are unable to collect samples yourself, please contact the village office at 410-730-7327 and we will ask a watershed volunteer to set up an appointment to collect the sample for you.

Remember, Fall is the best time to fertilize but Maryland law requires homeowners to complete any fertilizing by November 15, so get your soil sample submitted today!

Bay-Wise Gardening

Wondering how you can make your home landscape more Bay-friendly? The Chesapeake Stormwater Network offers a great guide for homeowners. Follow this link to view a PDF version of this publication. Homeowner Guide For a More Bay-Friendly Property

Waste Not!

While walking the CA pathways or looking out your home’s windows, have you ever seen a dog leave a “present” on the walk and watched the owner just ignore the situation (or perhaps pick up the present and fling it into the woods?)  It’s not easy to bring the issue to the owner’s attention, even if this seemingly minor infraction is against the law.  Dog waste gets washed by the rain into our stormwater streams, along with all the unhealthy bacteria taking a ride on those “tootsie rolls.”  Do you really want your children playing around those streams, or your dog drinking from them, with all that bacteria?  You can remain anonymous, but please let the village staff know where and when you see the problem occurring.  We will work with CA and neighbors to offer information about the problem and encourage better behavior.  Just call us at 410-730-7327 and mention “dog waste problem.”

If you are looking for someone to remove dog waste from your property, the WAC has compiled a list of companies who provide removal services- an easy way to observe the law and keep your property free of “shoe goo.” Click here to see the list.