Storm Damage and Downed Trees

May 24, 2019

On Thursday May 23rd, a tornado touched down in Columbia around 3:30pm. The neighborhoods of MacGill’s Common in Kings Contrivance and Clemens Crossing in Hickory Ridge were among those most directly hit. Fortunately there were no known serious injuries, but there was some property damage, power loss (now restored), and downed trees and branches throughout the area.  More information about the storm can be found here: Baltimore Sun

Crews are already out working hard to clean up from yesterday’s storm, but please report any downed trees that need to be taken care of as follows:
on Columbia Association Open Space:

call 410-312-6330 or email

on County property:
use the TellHoCo App on your phone or computer:
on a County Road, call 410-313-7450
on County Open Space (Parks, Trails), call 410-313-1679.

on your own property:
Note that permission is not required to removed *dead* trees from your own property. If you have any questions about removal, property lines, etc. please contact the village office at 410-730-7327 or

Please Note: Workers will prioritize MOVING trees and branches out of the way of roads and paths, then come back to remove them at a later time.
Please remember that it is a holiday weekend, so staff will be very limited. Your patience is appreciated as they work to get everything cleaned up as quickly as possible.